Hi, I’m Gerald Jones. I’m the founder of FERSRETIREMENT. We specialize with helping Federal Employees and their families plan their retirement and create an estate plan that will carry over multiple generations. 

We will guide you with maximizing your employee benefits, creating your estate plan, making sure you have the adequate insurance in place (long term care, health, life) reviewing your retirement income, investment management and tax planning. 

A little bit about myself, I started in the insurance industry working for the Automobile Club of Southern Ca. Then venturing off to work for Transamerica and Axa Advisors. In 2015 I began working with Federal Employees and realized that, most Federal Employees do not understand how their benefits work. Often due to not being able understand government communication online, receiving information in the mail or speaking with someone in Human Resources. 

I felt as if I were able to communicate effectively on how to maximize your employer benefits we would be able to create a valuable service to civilians and their families. We are a fiduciary and registered with the state of California as a Registered Investment Advisory firm. So we are able to give advice that is in our clients best interest. 

And for this reason I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you well!